Japanese Masking Tape + Eva

Japanese masking tape binder clips
Looking for a reason to buy some (more) Japanese masking tape? Yeah, me too. I covered these tiny binder clips with some of the tape and they are pretty adorable. Almost makes me want to get organized. Almost. Maybe these would help, too:
These clothes pins made by Whitney of Whisker Graphics remind me of ones by SusyJack. Whitney also used the tape to label her files.
The very clever Merilee of Mer Mag made these great invites:
And while we’re on the subject of garlands:
These decorations from Project Wedding (they have great party ideas even if you’re not getting married) use the tape for the little flags and place settings. I love that color combination.
And last but not least:
Holly of Decor8 had the idea to make a simple border on a picture frame. It really suits that photo, doesn’t it?
So if you were looking for ideas to justify purchasing some beautiful masking tape, there you go. I bought mine through Origamisan who had good prices and was willing to make custom combinations.
In other, bittersweet news: my laptop has bit the dust. It has served me well (*moment of silence*). But I have found comfort in my brand new MacBook! It’s so beautiful… and fast. It will be much easier for me to post now. I do sort of feel like I have deserted Wall-E for Eva, though. That may be a dorky reference, but I seriously loved that movie.

10 responses to “Japanese Masking Tape + Eva”

  1. Sheena S.

    Japanese masking tape just might be the solution to my framing woes. Thanks.

    p.s. The Wall-E/Eva reference was perfect! My MacBook just turned 3 which, based on her agility, I’m guessing is about 75 in people years.

  2. Olivia

    Hello! I’ve never seen Japanese masking tape until today- thanks for sharing, the possibilities are endless!
    P.S. Enojy the new Macbook- I can’t live without mine!

  3. Marie-Eve

    I tried to resist a long time… But You’ve conviced me, I am getting some of these tapes, oh yes.

  4. emily @ the daily smudge

    those little clips are so cuteness! thanks for the great ideas… I have been collecting colours but always looking for ways to use them!

  5. Christine - Handmade Evolution

    What a beautiful and inexpensive idea for jazzing up mundane, everyday items!

  6. yaya

    que buen tip nos has dado con esta cinta!
    ♥ gracias

  7. mon ami

    I just found your beautiful blog (adding it to my google reader right away). I have been looking for Japanese masking tape all over Vancouver – you think it would be here somewhere!? I’ll let you know if I find some.

  8. Party Planner

    Wow! These are some really great ideas. You really have my mind going here. I will have to have to get some of rolls of this tape.

  9. Samantha

    Hi! Fellow friend from vancovuer. I loooove japanese masking tape. I will be linking to this post from my blog. Great compilation.

  10. Cristina

    Hi! I love reading your blog so I’ve given you a Sunshine Award! Read my entry for more details.

    have a great day,


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