Things I Want to Make (But There’s a Good Chance I Won’t)

messy tablecloth
1. Some variation of this embroidered “messy tablecloth” by AZEdesign
Why I love it: it’s so perfectly embroidered to look like a complete mess
Why I won’t be making it: no patience for embroidery, at all
Why you should make it: so you can have me over for a dinner party
plastic chandelier
2. A smaller sized version of this cascade chandelier made out of recycled bottles by Michelle Brand
Why I love it: because at first it just looks like a classy, shimmering chandelier but also because it makes you look at plastic bottles in a whole new way
Why I won’t be making it: it looks best as it is, in its grandiose form, and I can’t seem to find a ballroom in our house in which to hang it
Why you should make it: because you have a ballroom
paper record player
3. A record player made entirely out of paper, like Simon Elvins’
Why I love it: it seems like if you mastered the making of it, you could just whip one up on a camping trip and (assuming you’ve brought your favorite records) voila! you’ve got yourself a dance party in the woods! (I’m all about the parties today)
Why I won’t be making it: because I can’t even fathom how it works
Why you should make it: because you are much smarter than me
topdown blinds
4. These super cheap top-down blinds using the important gizmo-y parts of inexpensive plastic blinds and those paper temporary blinds
Why I love it: you get sunlight, sans neighbors staring into your house
Why I won’t be making it: actually, I just might make these. We need something better, especially in our living room, and have you seen how much wood blinds cost?
Why you should make it: so we can both brag about our awesome blinds
ipod cozy
5. This adorable happy star ipod cozy
Why I love it: um, because it’s adorable
Why I won’t be making it: our 80G ipod was stolen! (this destroyed my trust of my fellow Nelsonites)
Why you should make it: because you have an ipod (*wistfully glances at your ipod*)
6. A paper cut-out as awesome as this one at skinny laminx
Why I love it: it’s so intricate and delicate and it would be prove to be evidence of my patience and determination
Why I won’t be making it: because I already tried and got frustrated and quit
Why you should make it: because it’s pretty
7. My very own hoodie based on this tutorial
Why I love it: because it doesn’t use an actual pattern and looks pretty good (with different fabric choices)
Why I won’t might be making it: because my dearest brown hoodie leapt out of my bag and twizzled its way out of the trunk of our car while we were on our honeymoon and now I am without a comfy, go-to hoodie
Why you should make it: it’s cheaper than buying one. oh, and bragging rights (“nice hoodie you have there” “oh, this? it’s nothing, really. I just made it myself. in my spare time. with some scraps of fabric I found laying around.”)
book autopsies
8. An art piece made out of a damaged book like these book autopsies by Brian Dettmer
Why I love it: c’mon! They’re fantastic! And they give new life to old books and get rid of all those pesky words.
Why I won’t be doing it: it looks like it would make a mess. And it would probably be a lot harder than I imagine.
Why you should do it: because you just saved a whole set of encyclopedias from the trash but some of them are water-stained and they’re just sitting in a corner of your living room now

There you have it. Some of these things I have had vague hopes of creating for a long time now. But here I am, confessing that I most likely won’t make them and giving you compelling reasons to do them for me.

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  1. Serena

    i get so excited reading your blog I have to go pee after. love the book autopsies! I think of the new world when everyone will be making incredible things, and what Excitement.

  2. Ian McMaster

    Brittany I’m so glad you put that paper record-player on here. I’m so excited to try and figure out how to build it ( mostly by doing google searches until someone tells me how.) If I ever figure out how and then actually build I think we will have to have that party in the woods (I call not cranking the record player!)

  3. erin

    o good. i’m so glad you too have a list of things you may never make. but i still maintain that you make a wonderful amount of great things and i am constantly impressed. like your postcards, for example. i’ve thought many times how great it would be to make my own postcards. has it happened? no. will it? most likely not. and i think i can add that paper cut out to my list? just another thing i will not accomplish. but it’s so very, very pretty!

    i believe in you ian. build the paper record player and i promise to come to the party in the woods. and i think britt should make the recycled chandeliers to transform our forest dance into a formal affair.

    that sounds like happiness to me.

  4. Ryan

    Good work! I love the book autopsies. :D

    Also, all this talk about a party in the woods makes me think it should be a thing… in fact it is and its near to where we live. It’s called Shambhala ( I wouldn’t recommend it for most people though.

    What records should I bring for our party in the woods? If it is a formal affair indeed we’ll need to have something we can all Woodland Waltz to.

  5. darling

    What great finds!

    That table cloth is just so cute and such a great idea.

    I may have to make a couple of those hoodies. It looks pretty easy. My daughter has a hoodie that we bought her on a trip and she wears it everywhere. It would be nice to get her another one so we can occasionally wash them! And I love the idea of letting her have a much bigger selection of fabric than you can find with purchases jackets. Plus, I’m sure me and my hubby can find some interesting fabric we would like to have as a hoodie too!

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