Delayed Results, and Master Bedroom

Do you like how I just abandoned my blog rather than share the results of the contest? Yup, I lost (but I prefer the phrase “didn’t win”). However, I learned lots from the experience – the most valuable lesson being that I don’t want to ever do that again.
I still wanted to share the above photo from the master bedroom, though. It was my favorite room in the suite, but the tightness of the space and dark walls made it really hard to get a good shot, so this is all I have.
The bedroom is painted “Down Pipe” (by Farrow & Ball), inspired by Abigail Ahern and AB Chao. Farrow & Ball paints are expensive (I paid $75 for one gallon), but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try one out because the money wasn’t coming out of my pocket. Farrow & Ball uses naturally occurring pigments and ingredients like Chalk, Lime Putty, Linseed Oil and China Clay, and no chemical fillers. This means the paints are eco-friendly, low odor and the colors are deep and pure. Each can is mixed at the factory, instead of at individual stores which means that the colors are always 100% accurate. Is it worth it? Yes, and no. I really loved using it, because it covered very well (one gallon painted the whole bedroom and walk-through closet, with two coats) and didn’t smell toxic at all. For those reasons alone, I think I would try to make room in the budget for this paint in the future. However, I heard rave reviews about the depth and beauty of the colors, but AB Chao color-matched it with Benjamin Moore paint, and the results were just as stunning. There are subtle variations in “Down Pipe” at different times of day, but we had a couple walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Deep Space”, and that color has just as much depth. Just my (wordy) opinion based on using it this once, but I would still definitely use it again in the future.
Now that I’ve put that contest behind me, I have a new decorating challenge with less pressure and much better payoff. We moved! From a sparse, modern apartment in a concrete building to the upper half of a Victorian house. It feels right.

6 responses to “Delayed Results, and Master Bedroom”

  1. Alice

    I had the pleasure of going to check out the contest back in February. It was fun to see all the suites. I loved the paint you used in the master bedroom. Where did you get the bedding?

  2. erin

    i love those lamps! (will we ever be able to say that without thinking of anchorman?)

  3. syndi

    Well… you made it to Top 6 and that is no small feat. So congratulate yourself – again, you deserve it – and pour yourself a little wine to celebrate the “not winning.” You did great.

  4. Lynn

    I knew a while back – followed your link to your presentation – that you hadn’t won, but I still think your entry was the best…certainly the one I would have gone for!
    And now I’ll look forward to seeing you work your magic on the new house!

  5. Jill Jennings

    Hi Britt,
    Just stumbled upon your blog today. I love your aesthetic and hope you will continue to blog (noticed your last post was back in April of 2011). As a fellow blogger (, I know how hard it is to stay motived to keep blogging. But people are reading, so keep blogging! :)

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